Are there benefits from downloading the app?

Yes many. It is the only way to get all of Our exclusive offers from discounts to freebies as well as our exclusive competitions. 1 click reordering and book your table with ease.

Are you a gluten free restaurant?

No we are not. This is due to having a fully functioning bakery section within the kitchen and under the advice of EHO, we cannot state legally that we are a gluten free restaurant.

I am allergic to peanuts can I order from you?

You would not be able to order from us. As nuts are used in a variety of dishes. We therefore cannot guarantee our dishes to be nut free.

Should I make you aware of things I am allergic to?

Yes. This is so important, Please ask a member of staff about the dish you have ordered. You can also find a list of our allergens on the website in pdf format.

Do The staff get the tips?

Yes. 100% of the tips are shared between the entire team of staff.

Can I change or order off menu?

Changes can be requested, but the kitchen has the final say and this can be yes or no.

Are the restaurant dishes available for take away?

They are not. You must dine in to fully appreciate the elevated dishes that we have custom built. Our take out menu and restaurant menu is constantly updated and you will find a lot of new dishes all throughout the year.

Something was missing from my order?

We ask for all those that collect to double check there order before they leave the premises, as rectifying missing items can take Up to 20 mins. For delivery please call the restaurant immediately. All discrepancies will be dealt with as a matter of urgency.